Shipbuilding Services

ETP has been active on the European market since 2007 as a shipbuilding partner.

Our qualified and highly experienced staff provides the highest level of quality and competence in our core business areas. Last year we were involved in many projects in Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden, England, Portugal, Italy, Finland, the USA, Singapore and also on our domestic market in Poland. We learned to understand foreign markets, their needs and requirements, developing a formidable reputation of which we are now reaping the benefits in the form of a constant flow of newly signed contracts. Our employees boast a full range of necessary certificates required by local and international authorities, including: SEP, VCA, DSB, FSE, MIG, MAG, TIG, MMA and others. THE SAFETY OF OUR EMPLOYEES ALWAYS COMES FIRST.

We do not accept any compromises when it comes to that issue.

The services we provide:

Metal works:

  • Preparation of Switchboard frames
  • Cable trays, ladder assembly
  • Foundation preparation and assembly
  • Individual cable tray solution
  • Grinding

Welding services:

  • Preparing welding contact surfaces according to WPS
    (cutting, bevelling, grinding, cleaning)

Electrical installations on vessels:

  • Cable pulling
  • Installation of electrical equipment
  • Connection and initiation of electrical equipment
  • Renovation, maintenance, inspections of electrical machines
  • Services at sea

Facts and figures

We have installed


km of cables, bridges and trayes

We have installed


km of electric cables up today